Testimonials & Previous Clients

This is the BEST sounding Wurli I’ve ever played or heard. That [is] crazy deep deep tremolo! Thanks again for the great work!

-Mark Greenberg

(Studio Manager: Wilco/Foxtrot Touring Corp.)

I’ve spent about 8 weeks playing this instrument extensively and I can honestly say this is the most incredible and inspirational instrument I’ve ever played. A bunch of friends (some of them owners of restored Rhodes and Wurlitzers) have told me they’ve never seen a Rhodes in such great condition. They couldn’t believe how well the action was set up!

-Andres Reyes

(Owner of one of our Custom Shop Rhodes “Rebirth”)

Pianist and Songwriter

These guys are great! An invaluable resource for any gigging keyboardist using a Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet or any other vintage keyboard for that matter! [My Wurlitzer] is singing better than ever and feels like new.

This place is a gem! Highly recommended if you are in the market for a vintage keyboard or just need to get yours tuned up! These guys know what they are doing!

-Kevin Kozol

Keyboardist/Composer with Spare Parts

& Owner/Instructor with House Call Music

In preparation for leaving on tour, I realized that my rhodes was due for a tune up. I took the Rhodes to Max’s shop less than a week before having to leave for tour, expecting it not to be able to get done in time. But it wasn’t a problem at all and my instrument was ready in just a few days. Excellent work by Max. I’ve been looking for a reliable Rhodes resource in the Chicago area for a year now, and I’m pretty convinced that he is THE guy for all your electric piano needs.

Tommy Trafton

Professional Keyboardist 

Right stuff, right good craftsman. A+

-Marshall Terry

Analog Audio Engineer

& Tube Amplifier Designer

When a string on my D6 clavinet recently broke I brought it to Chicago Electric Piano to get it fixed. I was impressed (and reassured) by Max’s knowledge of the instrument and its history. He replaced the string and made a couple other adjustments while I waited. He charged a very fair price for about an hour and a half of work, and when I got the D6 home, it sounded better than when I brought it in. In short, Max provided knowledgeable, professional service with no attitude at a great price. You can’t beat that. I intend to have him give my Rhodes a checkup in the very near future.

-Rick Reger

Collector and Player

Max did a great job tuning up my Rhodes. I was on the verge of selling it, but he made it sing again.

-Sean Knoll


I have a ’75 Rhodes Mark I Stage that was in need of tuning and action adjustment after several years of storage.  I had a short deadline to get the instrument up and running for some recording work and contacted Max to see if it could be turned around in time.

When we went over the instrument, Max gave a complete estimate of what needed to be done to achieve what I was looking for out of the repair and ended up doing a great job well before the time I needed it back.  The keys were originally very tough to get clear, sustained notes out of and after the tuning and repair, it plays very smoothly and is in perfect tune.  I will definitely be bringing my Rhodes maintenance work to Chicago Rhodes Repair in the future.

Dan P.


Past Clients

(Not limited to):

Brendan O’Connell (The Right Now)

Columbia College Chicago School of Fine and Performing Arts

Colin Croom (Twin Peaks)

Don Airey (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, ELO)

Erik Hall (In Tall Buildings)

Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)

John McIntire (Tortoise, Soma)

John Stirratt (Autumn Defense, Wilco)

Jonathan Alvin (Chrome Attic Studios)

 Josh Richter (Victorian Recording)

Kevin Kozol (Spare Parts & House Call Music)

Marco Benevento (Benevento Russo Duo, Experimental Jazz Keyboardist)

Mark Greenberg (Foxtrot Touring & Mayfair Workshop)

Max Kakacek (Smith Westerns)

Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Mountaingoats

Natalie Bergman (Wild Belle)

Neal Francis O’Hara (The Heard)

Pat Sansone (Wilco & The Autumn Defense)

Percy Bady (Producer, Arranger/Composer)

Matt Dewine (Pieholden Studio)

Ray LaMontagne

Rick Barnes (Rax Trax Recording)

Rick Fritz (Audiotree)

Roosevelt University

Snarky Puppy

Steve Albini (Electrical Audio)

Tommy Trafton (Santah)

Tommy Barbarella (Barbarella Productions & Prince‘s New Power Generation)

 …And many more.

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  1. Today I saw website and was very impressed.
    I learned a lot about what you do
    and a lot about different models of Rhodes
    thru the informative way that you have presented ideas on your website.

    Congratulations on that fine job.
    I can tell that you are real pros
    and will do well in the keyboard repair business in Chicago.
    If I pickup an electric piano that needs work
    I will giving you a call.

    Russ Knutson
    Chicago Percussion Rental

  2. John says:

    How nice to see such love and devotion to musical instruments. Inspiring website, keep up the fantastic work


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