Our estimates and consultations are always free of charge. It is impossible to know just how much work an instrument requires without an in-person estimate. Following a brief evaluation of your instrument we will let you know what to expect at various levels of service from the most basic setup to a complete overhaul. If you have a specific budget we will always make sure to prioritize our repairs in order to give you the best value possible.

Instruments and Models

Organs we specialize in repairing include:

  • Farfisa Organs: Compact & FAST Eras (models pre-integrated circuitry)
  • Gibson & Kalamazoo: G101, G201, K101
  • Howard Combo Organs
  • Vox Organs: Jaguar and Continental Models

The Standard Setup & Basic Repairs: $100-200+

Standard Setup & Basic Repairs: The most common issues with combo organs includes notes that don’t sound right, functions that don’t work, or out of tune notes. For instruments this old these are routine fixes and can typically be addressed with a short time on the bench.

“The Works” & “Top Shelf” Restorations: $400-1,000+

Combo organs can seem unstable or unreliable if they have not been immaculately cared for or maintained. An instrument that is going to be reliable for live performance or studio use requires a partial or full restoration for our combo organ seal-of-approval. This price range varies greatly for each individual model of instrument and is dependent on its condition.

Bench Rate135/Hr
Basic Repairs1-3 Hr
"The Works"5-10+ Hr