Our estimates and consultations are always free of charge. It is impossible to know just how much work an instrument requires without an in-person estimate. Following a brief evaluation of your instrument we will let you know what to expect at various levels of service from the most basic setup to a complete overhaul. If you have a specific budget we will always make sure to prioritize our repairs in order to give you the best value possible.

Important Note: The general summary below applies to most 200-series and 140B era Wurlitzer pianos. For earlier models (112, 120, 140A, etc), please contact us for a more accurate summary.

Basic Repairs, Spot Tuning & Voicing: $175-400+

Wurltizer Tuning & Voicing: Tuning a Wurlitzer is one of our most common services. This process involves soldering and filing the reeds for proper tuning with harmonically pleasant overtones. Depending on the condition of your instrument and when it was last serviced this can take anywhere from 3-12+ hours.

Basic Repairs: Common repairs for Wurlitzer include replacing reeds, making basic action adjustments, quick key bed touchups, and replacing other worn components. Depending on the specific repair the additional cost may be negligible or may add 1-2 hours.

Bench Rate$175/Hr
Tuning & Voicing (First expert tuning in decades)5-10+ Hr
Tuning & Voicing (Follow Up 1-5yr)~2 Hr
Reed ReplacementApprox .25Hr +Parts
Other Basic Repairs0.5-1.5 Hr

The “Sweet Spot:” $800-1,800+

The  “Sweet Spot” for most 200-series Wurlitzers is a comprehensive setup covering both the action and tuning. We start by taking the entire instrument apart to clean, lubricate, and tighten the action assembly. We then regulate the action before a full tuning and voicing setup. In most cases this runs right around 6-12 hours and may include replacing 1-6 reeds. The result is a Wurlitzer that plays and sounds the way that it should, both in terms of timbre and healthy dynamic response.

“The Works:” $1500-2,500

“The Works” begins to take your Wurlitzer setup to the next level by prioritizing certain aspects of the instrument for a partial restoration. At this service level we evaluate all the instrument’s components. The main focus is typically on the the felts and springs within the action assembly, but the condition of the key bed and the onboard electronics are also taken into consideration. Oftentimes a replacement amplifier is also recommended in this level of service. Our goal here is to make the most out of a partial restoration budget, ensuring that the instrument requires only basic services in the years to come.

Action Cleaning, Lubrication & Tightening~1.5 Hr
Action Regulation (basic)1.5-4 Hr
Key Bed Regulation (basic)~1 Hr
Action Spring & Felt Replacement2-4 Hr
Electronic Repairs (basic)~1-2 Hr


“Top Shelf” Restorations: 1,800-3,000+

Our “Top Shelf” tier of services aim to bring your Wurlitzer up to a condition that is as good as–if not better than–when it left the factory. At this level of service, we evaluate every component of the instrument ensuring your Wurlitzer is ready for decades to come! We leave no stone unturned to make our Wurlitzer restorations sound as good, play as well, and operate as reliably as possible.

Action Assembly Restoration (w/ Fly Spring & Felt Replacement)4-8 Hr
Key Bed Regulation1-2 Hr
Key Bushing Replacement2.5-5 Hr
Electronics Restoration & Upgrades2-4 Hr
Hammer Tip Re-Felting
2-3 Hr


Cosmetic Restoration and “Custom Shop” Services

Customizations: If you can dream it up, we’re here to help bring your vision to life! Please contact us directly via email for a quote on custom modifications and builds.

Custom Refinished Lids (Matching Sustain Pedals Available)~$550+
New Key Tops (Whites & Sharps)$675
MIDI Installation: QRS PNOScan (Optical)~$2500
Other "Custom Shop" ModificationsContact for Quote or Constultation