Our estimates and consultations are always free of charge. It is impossible to know just how much work an instrument requires without an in-person estimate. Following a brief evaluation of your instrument we will let you know what to expect at various levels of service from the most basic setup to a complete overhaul. If you have a specific budget we will always make sure to prioritize our repairs in order to give you the best value possible.

Clavinet Services

Standard Setup & Basic Repairs: $100-500

Our Clavinet Standard Setup makes sure that the mechanics of the instrument are playing properly and the pickups are set in a proper, balanced and dynamic position. This setup usually includes basic repairs (such as string replacement, electronics troubleshooting, key bed adjustments) so that the instrument has proper timbre and healthy dynamic response. –YES! Every Clavinet will benefit from a professional setup.

Bench Rate$135/hr
Clavinet Standard Setup & Basic Repairs1-3 Hr
String Replacement~$25 (Possibly Included in Range Above)
Action & Key Bed Adjustments~1 Hr
Electronics Repairs~1 Hr

Partial and Complete Restorations: $800-2,500+

Differentiating The Clavinet “Sweet Spot” and “Top Shelf”

Most Clavinets need more restoration than people typically realize. The “Sweet Spot” for services is often harder to determine than a Rhodes or Wurli because quality replacement parts that are expected to wear down over time–hammer tips and strings– weren’t always available. leaving owners throughout the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s to rely on DIY solutions that sometimes caused more harm than good.

Any service or restoration depends on an in-person evaluation of the instrument. Prioritization of services for partial and full restoration of the instrument depends on an evaluation of the instrument. Most Clavinets that receive restoration going above what we would consider “basic repairs” go through a similar process. This involves deep cleaning of the anvil & tuners, new strings, yarn, hammer tips, key frame restoration, electronics overhaul, and a thorough set up process to make sure that our restored Clavinets are the best instruments possible.


Pianet Services

Pianet services include the most simple setups and tuning to a thorough overhaul of the instrument. Time frames and what we consider the “Sweet Spot”¬†varies depending on the model of the Pianet and its condition.

Pianet T Services
Basic Repairs1-2 Hrs
"Top Shelf" Setup~3-4Hrs
Pianet N Services(And other similar era pianets)
Basic Repairs & Top Shelf SetupSame as Above
Ken Rich's Pianet Pad Replacement>1 Hr *Always Recommended*
Electronics Repairs/Restorations/Upgrades0.5-2+ Hrs