Our estimates and consultations are always free of charge. It is impossible to know just how much work an instrument requires without an in-person estimate. Following a brief evaluation of your instrument we will let you know what to expect at various levels of service from the most basic setup to a complete overhaul. If you have a specific budget we will always make sure to prioritize our repairs in order to give you the best value possible.

The Standard Setup & Basic Repairs: $200-500+

Standard Setup: This is the service that put us on the map! Setup of the Rhodes includes tuning and voicing of the instrument for a well balanced sound. This takes care of inconsistencies between notes as well as a strobe tuning. Depending on how long it has been since the last setup this can take anywhere from 1-3 hours (in most cases). Recently serviced instruments (1-5 years) typically only require 30 minutes to an hour or two.

Basic Repairs: Common repairs for Rhodes include pickup & tine replacement, cleaning and lubricating the action centers, quick key bed touchups, and replacing other worn components. Depending on the specific repair the additional cost may be negligible, while in other cases may add 1-2 hours.

A little bit of work can go a long way!

Bench Rate$175/Hr
Basic Repairs0.5-1.5 Hr
Standard Setup (First in years or decades)3-6 Hr
Standard Setup (Routine Setups: 1-3yr)1-2 Hr

“The Works:” $800-1400+

In this service level we evaluate the piano and recommend aspects of the restoration to make sure that the instrument has a solid overall seal of approval. “The Works” is where you will usually find what we refer to as the “Sweet Spot” — the best value for a partial restoration! After this level of services we may suggest additional work in the near future, but in many cases it will be ready for years to come!

Action Adjustments (Basic)0.5-2 Hrs
Electronics Repairs (Basic)0.5-2 Hrs
Key Bed Adjustments (Basic)0.5-2 Hrs
Isolation Grommets Replacement~1.5 Hrs
Hammer Tip Replacement~1.5 Hrs

The “Sweet Spot”  for Rhodes is typically $1000-1,800.

The “Sweet Spot” for Rhodes services is usually a partial restoration focusing on an instrument’s aging felt and rubber components. Depending on the condition of vintage parts, the most common services include replacing tone bar isolation grommets, hammer tips, making action adjustments, and comprehensive tuning and voicing. There is no one-size-fits all approach to a Rhodes restoration, and the recommended services will depend on an in-person evaluation of the instrument.

“Top Shelf” Restoration: $1,500-3,000+ 

Our “Top Shelf” Rhodes restorations aim to bring your piano to a condition that is as good as–if not better than– when it left the factory. At this level we evaluate every component of the instrument ensuring your Rhodes is ready for decades to come.

Action Restoration or Modication3-6 Hr (Depends on Production Period)
Key Bed Restoration or Modification1-2 Hr
Key Bushing Replacement3-5 Hr
Electronics Restoration or Upgrade3-6 Hr (Depends on Production Period)
Damper Assembly Restoration1-2 Hr

Cosmetic Restoration and “Custom Shop” Services

Cosmetics: In addition to rejuvenating the tone and feel, and mechanics of a Rhodes, we also specialize in restoring the cosmetics of the instrument. Whether you prefer the timeless look of an original Rhodes or something completely customized, we can build the piano of your dreams! From furniture grade wooden cases, custom mirrored name rails, plexiglass lids, to resurfacing key tops, we can do a lot to make your Rhodes one-of-a-kind.

New Tolex: Stage Piano8-12 Hr
New Tolex: Suitcase Piano10-14 Hr
New Grill Cloth1-2 Hr
New Key Tops (Whites & Sharps)$675
Tone Bar and Harp Frame Re-platingContact for Quote

Customizations: If you can dream it up then we’re here to help bring your vision to life! Please contact us directly via email for a quote on custom modifications and builds.

Custom Refinished Lids (Matching Sustain Pedals & End Blocks Available)~$550 (Depending on Finish)
Custom Plexiglass Lids (Available in a variety of tints)~$575*
Custom Wooden Cases (Walnut, Oak, Maple)~$1,800*
Wooden End Blocks
Suitcase Speaker Upgrades$300-800
QRS PNOScan Optical Midi Upgrade~$2,500*
You Dream It Up --We'll Bring It to Life!*Contact for exact quote