Our estimates and consultations are always free of charge. It is impossible to know just how much work an instrument requires without an in-person estimate. Following a brief evaluation of your instrument we will let you know what to expect at various levels of service from the most basic setup to a complete overhaul. If you have a specific budget we will always make sure to prioritize our repairs in order to give you the best value possible.

Instruments and Models

Our experience and expertise extends to (but may not be limited to) the following instruments and models:

  • Yamaha CP-70 & CP-80, CP-70B etc. (and MIDI variations)
  • Helpinstill Roadmaster

 Basic Repairs: 1-4 hours 

Basic Repairs: Essential services for acoustic-electric pianos are the replacement of broken parts (hammers or strings), repairing electronics, and basic tuning of the instrument. These services are usually just to address critical issues, but do not address full setup of the instrument.

 Full Regulation “The Works” : 8-14 hours

If you plan to take your portable acoustic-electric piano out for gigs or on the road then “The Works” prioritizes a full regulation and setup of the action assembly in order to give your instrument a more complete seal of approval. In most cases this level of services will also budget for an overhaul of the electronics circuitry. Replacement of rusted or broken strings and tuning are also typically done at this level of service.

Bench Rate$125/Hr
Basic Repairs1-4 Hr
"The Works"8-14 Hr