Clavinet Schematic Updated

Clavinet Schematic Updated
May 26, 2015 Max Brink
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Clavinet E7 and D6 Wiring Translated by The Chicago Electric Piano Company

Over the years we grew tired of attempting to remember the English translations for the German Clavinet schematics. Here are updated schematic files with English translations which are also the only publicly available schematic to show the proper pickup switching for the A/B and C/B pickup switches. I hope that you will find these translations and notations helpful.

UPDATE: The pickup switching on the E7 is more accurate for the later D6 pickup switching topology. It’s unclear when that transition is made, but on the pickup side of the transformer you may want to cross reference both schematics if you have a D6.

For more information about the Clavinet Tone Controls please visit our previous post “Understanding the Clavinet Tone Controls”.

Clavinet D6 Schematic

Clavinet E7 Schematic



Note: There are slight variations on some Clavinets’ preamplifiers from what is noted in these schematics. The most common is finding 15uF capacitors in place of 10uF capacitors as noted by the schematic. The difference is subtle but the 15uF will establish a lower cutoff filter frequency.

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