Original Pricing for Hohner Clavinet and Pianet

Original Pricing for Hohner Clavinet and Pianet
October 24, 2015 Max Brink
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Suggested Retail Pricing List for Hohner Musical Instruments 1971 & 1973

We recently acquired a copy of the original pricing lists for Hohner Musical instruments which included the suggested retail pricing lists for their electric pianos plus some fun marketing materials used to promote them. The pricing included the original list price for the Clavinet D6, C, and Pianet N.


Note: Adjusted for inflation (using the bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Calculator) in terms of purchasing power the 1973 Clavinet D6 sold for a suggested retail rate approximately $4,552 in today’s dollars!


Here are the Suggested Retail Price Lists for the Hohner which include the Clavinet and Pianet in 1971 and 1973:

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Clavinet Pricing 1


Clavinet Pricing 2


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