Refined Elegance pt II: Walnut Clavinet D6

Refined Elegance pt II: Walnut Clavinet D6
January 14, 2022 Max Brink
In Clavinet, Custom Shop

Clavinet meets MCM furniture in this custom shop build

We are no strangers to handcrafted wood enclosures these days. So many clavinets come in to the shop with missing tops and showing extensive signs of road wear that we have taken on the challenge of a true rebirth starting from the ground up.

This build differs from previous Walnut cases in that it features hand carved finger joints fastening the case together. This decision is both decorative and practical: the bond is exceptionally strong. Another fun detail is the “Hohner” logo on the rear of the clavinet, which has been carved out using a CNC machine. The slider cap for the damper control has also been hand carved from a walnut block. These are the small details that bring the whole thing together!

Finally, here is a video featuring Neal Francis laying down a wah heavy groove accompanied by a Roland TR-66 Rhythm Arranger drum machine!

Photo/video: Jeff Marini
Lighting: Ryan Segedi
Art Direction: Jacqueline Cantu
Audio recording: Mike Novak


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  1. Alex Yozzo 1 year ago

    This is so awesome. Max, we chatted on the phone yesterday. Going to have to get one of these this year!

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