A Rare Breed Indeed: The Vox Jaguar

A Rare Breed Indeed: The Vox Jaguar
December 14, 2012 Max Brink
In Combo Organs

As we begin to open our doors to more combo organs we present you with another rare breed, the Vox Jaguar:

Along with its sibling, the Vox Continental, the Jaguar features the classic 60’s and 70’s combo organ tone with an equally groovy aesthetic. The Jaguar is capable of a lot of similar tones as The Continental but is limited to four voice switches rather than the organ stops found on the continental. However, it has a “bass chord” switch which gives you the ability to alternate the non-reversed white keys from octaves between the standard voicing and foot pedal/bass octaves and voicing.

Here’s a look under the hood:

Like the Continental, the tone generators and key switches were intended to be serviced when the keyboard was designed. As you can see above, the tone generators are conveniently located behind the keys and the keys are hinged making the contacts and voicing switches easy to access (below).

What’s surprising with the design of the Jaguar and Continental is just how much dead space left within the instrument case. Non of the components run particularly hot so there just doesn’t seem to be the need for all of this empty space.

And there you have it; the Vox Jaguar is certainly a rare breed indeed!

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  1. Jimmy D. Rogers 11 years ago

    I have a `67 Vox Jaguar! It needs help! I`ll be staying tuned to this site now that I`ve found you!

    • mbrink 11 years ago

      Sounds great, Jimmy. We have another one in the shop right (–and the owner has the original chrome legs with case!) now so we’re getting very familiar with this beast. Keep in touch!

  2. Francis 11 years ago

    hi i am francis i have a wurlitzure electric piano im trying to
    fix it but im from california how do i get fix do i have to send
    the unit? thnk you so much chicagopiano you guys rock

    • mbrink 11 years ago

      Francis, thank you for reaching out to us. Please contact max at max@electricpiano.xyz and we can discuss our services and shipping options.

  3. Drake Jennings 10 years ago

    Hi! I have a Farfisa Fast 4 and yes, there is a huge difference! Though it seems much smaller and crammed, it really isn’t. The Vox organs are wider than the Fast 4, yes which does leave lots of empty space. But, from the pictures, the Fast 4 seems to be deeper than the Vox organs. It seems that the Farfisa was made to be very portable for it’s time so it isn’t as wide making it not as wide but it does seem to be deeper. I guess they made the Vox have so much empty space so you could have it serviced easier. Both organs are equally amazing in opinion.

  4. Joseph A. 8 years ago

    who can fix my old Vox organ V304 it’s complete with stand case power cord and foot pedal.

    Thanks Joe
    Ft. Lauderdale Florida

  5. John Garrett 7 years ago

    I have a 67 Jaguar as well.. but my biggest problem is with my 63 V301J the schematics don’t give you the color code

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