For Sale: Hohner Pianet T [Update: SOLD]

For Sale: Hohner Pianet T [Update: SOLD]
July 23, 2018 Max Brink
In Pianet

Pianet landing

Up for sale is this Hohner Pianet T fully serviced and with the original legs! There is some light level wear and tear on the external tolex but overall is in excellent condition internally making it an ideal candidate for our expert restorations. The best part is that it comes with the original legs and gig bag! Services include cleaning and lubricating the action, setting up the pads, adjusting the pickups for even voicing, and strobe tuning. —This thing is playing wonderfully and ready for rock and roll! 

Pianet T-1

Pianet T-3

Pianet T-5

Pianet T-8

Pianet T-9

Pianet T-10

Pianet T-11

Pianet T-13

Pianet T-14

Pianet T-15

Pianet T-16

Pianet T-17

Pianet T-18

Pianet T-19

Pianet T-20

Pianet T-21

Pianet T-22


Pianet T-24

Pianet T-23

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  1. dylan andersen 4 years ago

    this is lovely! how much? im super interested.

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