Live from CEPCo: FLOCKS

Live from CEPCo: FLOCKS
September 1, 2023 Max Brink
In Live Performance, Rhodes

Chicago/Cincinati band, FLOCKS, performs live at The Chicago Electric Piano Co!

Straddling the gap between jazz and electronica, the Cincinnati/Chicago based trio FLOCKS brought their signature meditative soundscapes to CEPCo. Here they are performing a new song called “Luna”

In their second performance, FLOCKS performs “jexqjex” off their latest record “You Were Probably Younger Then”

Check out FLOCKS here:

Josh Jessen – Rhodes, Moog Model D

Tom Buckley – Drums

Stephen Patota – Bass

Rudy Rubio – director of photography and editor

Taras Nebesnyy – camera operator

Mike Novak – audio recording and mix recorded live at The Chicago Electric Piano Company.

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