Custom Shop: Custom Silver “Low A” Piano Bass

Custom Shop: Custom Silver “Low A” Piano Bass
September 12, 2015 Max Brink
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Here is the latest from our custom shop: The Custom Silver “Low A” Fender Rhodes Piano Bass.

CEPCO Custom Silver Rhodes Piano Bass

This key set was modified to play down to low A like the 88 key Rhodes key set rather than the low E from the 73 key set that usually punctuates the deepest end of the Piano Bass. The Piano Bass was refinished cosmetically with silver tolex and fully setup from top to bottom by hand. And with the low A this Piano Bass rumbles!


Custom 88 Key Piano Bass Low A Rhodes

88 Piano Bass Tone Bars Fender Rhodes



The installation of the deeper key set was intensive and required modifying parts from a vintage 88 key Rhodes. The key bed was cut down and routed to fit with the former key bed with a mortise and tenon joint just as the Rhodes key beds were originally manufactured. (See Below)

Mortise and Tenon Key Bed

And the list of modifications doesn’t end there… Once the key bed was installed in alignment with the hammers the strike line and escapement height of the harp was set. This is done by setting the alignment of the harp and harp supports and also shimming the height for final find tuning. The pickups also needed to be re-soldered for the piano bass ~5.7ohm impedance level. In the end, the entire Piano Bass was practically re-built by hand from top to bottom!

Custom Silver Rhodes Piano Bass

Custom Fender Rhodes Bass Piano

Piano Bass Closeup

Custom Rhodes Piano Bass

Low A Piano Bass Custom Fender Rhodes



Stunning, right? When this Rhodes came into our shop the original tolex was in complete tatters! Since the piano is going to be hitting the road we decided to install protective corner hardware that was originally absent from the Piano Bass case design. We also installed a “Fender Rhodes” script logo for extra flair.

Piano Bass Ripped Tolex Before

Rhodes Bass Case Top

Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Tolex

Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Logo

CEPCO Custom Silver Rhodes Piano Bass

Comments (4)

  1. Carl-Erik Dempfle 6 years ago

    Fascinating. What does it sound like and what is the price on this one?

    • mbrink 6 years ago

      This was custom built to order. If you would like a custom Piano Bass of your own please contact

  2. Sam Laramee 3 years ago

    That’s so funny! I did a mod similar to this to my Piano Bass, except I transposed it up an octave. It took a lot of finagling to get it happening, but damn if it isn’t the perfect mini-Rhodes for rhythm section work.

  3. okto 2 years ago

    This is exactly the kind of mod I needed to see. I rarely play anything above C6 and crave that bass growl and had been wondering if transposing my Mark 1 down an octave was possible. Now I know it is!

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