The Plexi-Blonde Rhodes Mark II Suitcase

The Plexi-Blonde Rhodes Mark II Suitcase
May 24, 2024 Max Brink
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Here’s the latest from the CEPCo Custom Shop:

The Plexi-Blonde Rhodes Mark II Suitcase.

Here at CEPCo, we have been going through a plexiglass phase, and we’re excited to share one of our new Custom Shop favorites with you. We hope you’ll enjoy The Plexi-Blonde Mark II Suitcase.

Improvisation by Matt Blocher on this Rhodes, showcasing the lush stereo tremolo.


This is the first Mark II era Rhodes that we have done in blonde tolex. Inspired by Fender amps of the mid 1960s, we realized it can be a bold move mixing black and brown. In this case, we held off on picking out the lid color until we could see the original black lid with the blonde tolex in order to get an idea of the brown hue that would tie everything together best. Let the brainstorming begin!

Would a black lid balance well with the black name rail of the Mark II? Or would it be better to leave the name rail as a bold black accent stripe on the tan and brown colors of the cheek blocks, tolex, and speaker grill?

It dawned on us pretty quickly: a plexiglass lid would be a really great fit to tie everything together. Our custom plexiglass lids are offered in a variety of tints and colors, allowing us to dial in just the right amount of brown hue to pull it all off!

If you are interested in purchasing a custom plexiglass CEPCo lid –for Mark I or Mark II pianos in this rounded flat top profile– please contact These are built to order and available in a wide variety of colors and tints. 

Video available on our YouTube Channel. If you like this content please comment on this post below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more CEPCo restoration features!

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  1. Adam Ferguson 3 weeks ago

    I have the exact same MKII suitcase as the new blonde one but mine needs a lot of work. It was originally owned by the composer of MASH the tv show and then my grandfather who was a big name composer in his own right. How do I talk to you about pricing to get mine restored?

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