Rhodes 7055 Student Model: An In Depth Look

Rhodes 7055 Student Model: An In Depth Look
September 16, 2020 Mike Novak
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After the iconic “Jetsons” pianos of the late 60’s, Rhodes introduced a new education series. These pianos were housed in a more subtle walnut veneered cabinet and featured an on board metronome and connections to a teacher module. The student can monitor with headphones or a built in 10 inch speaker. Under the hood, the tone producing components are the same as a 73 key stage piano. Sometimes referred to as the KMC 1 (Keyboard Music Center), there were also variations of this model designed for home use that had an on board cassette recorder.


The electronic circuitry carried over from the earlier Jetsons design, and is rather primitive by today’s standard. The amplifier is under powered and distorts relatively easily. It is essentially a single power module, just like the ones found in a Peterson era suitcase piano. However, with a proper setup, the piano still sounds and plays wonderfully.


This particular instrument came to us for a “Works” level of service. Our restoration includes a fresh set of tonebar isolation grommets and screws/washer, hammer tip rotation, and a comprehensive strikeline and escapement setup. After voicing and tuning the piano, we modified the 1/4″ output at the bottom of the amplifier to serve as a line out straight from the harp, bypassing all the other electronic circuitry. This jack is switched and cuts the on board speaker when engaged.


Please enjoy a couple videos of this piano in action! Performance by Matt Blocher at the Chicago Electric Piano Co.

Too High – Stevie Wonder

Spain – Chick Corea (feat. on board metronome!)

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  1. Chris Lee 3 years ago

    I’d love to see one of those models with the onboard cassette recorder! You could make an entire tape of Chick Corea covers with metronome accompaniment!

  2. Bob 3 years ago

    Sounds really nice.

  3. Jen 3 years ago

    I believe I have this model. What would it be worth? I’m looking to sell.

    • Max Brink 3 years ago

      Tough to say. They’re not necessarily the most sought after models, but they do make great home/studio Rhodes pianos or good candidates for Custom Shop restorations. If you want us to take a look at it please email info@chicagoelectricpiano.com. Thanks!

  4. Mark Horrocks 1 year ago

    Is there any vibrato on either this or the home model? I can’t see a control for this on any of the photo. Many thanks.

  5. Mark Horrocks 1 year ago

    Is there a vibrato control on this or the home model? Many thanks 🙏

    • Max Brink 12 months ago

      The Rhodes classroom models do not have vibrato/tremolo or preamp controls. Only volume and a metronome.

  6. martin 4 months ago

    Just found one of these in a basement. It sounds totally incredible. I can’t imagine how fun it would have been to have been an actual student on one of these babies. dAmn.

  7. JasonPDL 1 month ago

    There’s a guy in my city who has one. He bought it from a guy for $45… I’ll do everything in my power to own this beauty. Now that I see it has a built in metronome, I’m losing my mind !

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