FOR SALE: 1975 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73

FOR SALE: 1975 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73
September 1, 2016 Max Brink
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Up for sale is this gorgeous Rhodes Mark I Stage 73:


This Rhodes is from one of my personal favorite periods of Rhodes production in late 1975. During this period, the name Fender was dropped from the Rhodes branding but this period still has Torrington tines and cubed hammer tips that are essential to the “Fender Rhodes” production period. (This is similar to Silverface amplifiers that have Blackface parts if you are familiar with that crossover in production).

Cosmetically this Rhodes is nearly impeccable. The rear Rhodes logo was replaced with a reproduction and there are a couple of very small tolex tears that were glued to prevent any further fraying. The voice of the piano was fully restored with Retro Linear tone bar grommets and the original hammer tips were left in this piano to keep true to the original sound of the instrument. –Have a listen to the sound sample below!

As you have come to expect with our custom restorations, this Rhodes piano sounds and plays even better than it looks! The piano’s action was completely regulated with a leveled key bed. Action felts were replaced and a “pedestal bump” was added to give the Rhodes ideal dynamic response.

Have a listen:











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  1. Bobby ( Angel ) David 7 years ago

    Is this instrument still available?

    I am in San Miguel de Allende,Mexico.

    • mbrink 7 years ago

      This instrument is no longer available but we do have a pair of 1972 pianos that we are restoring that would be very similar in tone. The best way to reach us is by email or phone at (312)476-9528 or

  2. Bobby ( Angel ) David 7 years ago

    Please respond.



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