FOR SALE: 1975 Rhodes Mark I *Stereophonic Satellite* 88

FOR SALE: 1975 Rhodes Mark I *Stereophonic Satellite* 88
April 12, 2017 Max Brink
In Custom Shop, Rhodes

Here’s the latest custom amplifier from our workshop! After a series of custom Wurlitzer amplifiers we finally decided to dream up something for the Rhodes! We’re calling this one the “Stereophonic Satellite!”


This particular first edition of the amplifier is paired with one of my favorite pianos that we restored from 1975. The piano is upgraded with all new ivory tolex, hardware, premium white and ebony key caps, and black walnut cheek blocks. The piano is from one of our favorite periods of Rhodes production for it’s warm bass and smooth high end. As you have come to expect with our expert restorations, this Rhodes plays and sounds as good as it looks!

The “Stereophonic Satellite” Amplifier: Our custom built amplifier was designed to showcase the classic Rhodes stereo vibrato of the Suitcase models in a more mobile cabinet. We housed this amplifier in an original Rhodes Satellite cabinet and instead of using two separate cabinets for the stereo signal we designed the amplifier to use its two 12″ speakers in stereo. Inside is a brand new amplifier that uses a toroidal power transformer and eminence speakers that are powered by two ultra linear power amplifier channels custom designed by Mike Borish. This cabinet powers a vintage restored Rhodes Peterson preamplifier with volume, EQ, and stereo vibrato controls mounted on the front of the Rhodes. Did we mention its on wheels?! 

The action of this piano is restored with all new key caps that look stunning and feel terrific. A detailed key bed leveling and action assembly regulation is a key factor of our restoration process and this Rhodes plays with an optimized dynamic range. The tone bar grommets were replaced with Retro Linear Grommets which stabilize the notes’ voicing and sustain.

This post features the first stereophonic cabinet in ivory tolex to match the custom Rhodes that it is paired with. If you are interested in a Stereophonic Satellite upgrade to your Rhodes we can tolex it in classic finish or any other custom look that you prefer!

In addition to the video above here is another listen:

Mono Demo (Comparison):

Stereo Demo (Comparison):

Stereo Vibrato Demo:

















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  1. Mario McMiller 7 years ago


    I want to inquire about the price of this Fender Rhodes. Also, does your company ship instruments to other states (New Jersey is where I’m located)?

    • mbrink 7 years ago

      Shipping is recommended via piano movers and usually runs around $250-400 depending on the location. NJ is likely ~$300.

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