FOR SALE: Custom “Blue Sky Sparkle” Rhodes Suitcase 73

FOR SALE: Custom “Blue Sky Sparkle” Rhodes Suitcase 73
August 14, 2016 Max Brink
In Custom Shop, Rhodes

Here’s the latest Custom Shop Rhodes from our workshop. This one was upgraded to eleven!


[Update: This piano has sold. If you are interested in a similar piano we can restore one for you! Please contact for more information]

For sale by The Chicago Electric Piano Company is this completely restored and customized Rhodes. It features Carolina Blue tolex, Cane Grill Clothe, a custom fiberglass Sparkle Blue top by Vintage Vibe, our signature handmade wooden cheek blocks, and four new Eminence speakers.

As you’ve come to expect with any CEPCo restoration, this piano has been rebuilt internally to make it sound even better than it looks. New tonebar grommets, fresh graduated hammer tips, dynamic¬†action setup, and a complete keybed level ensure that this Rhodes will keep its mojo for years to come.

All aging electronic components have been replaced and properly biased. This Rhodes also features four new Eminence Legend speakers modeled after the Jensen C12N Speakers used in the original 60’s Rhodes’ Suitcase Cabinet. The new speakers are higher efficiency resulting in a louder and deeper cabinet response.¬†The stereo tremolo is gorgeous! –-Have a listen for yourself:


Additional Vibrato Demo:








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