FOR SALE: “Knotty Fiesta” Piano Bass

FOR SALE: “Knotty Fiesta” Piano Bass
April 26, 2018 Max Brink
In Custom Shop, Rhodes

Here’s our latest custom Rhodes creation from The Chicago Electric Piano Co. :

Fiesta Piano Bass SQ-1

This Piano Bass gets back to the roots of the earliest Piano Bass’ cosmetic designs with its custom fiesta red lid and blonde tolex. We accented what would have originally been walnut cheek blocks for walnut stained leopardwood, which adds beautiful woodgrain texture while also pairing wonderfully in hue with the fiesta lid of the piano. –And we hope you’ll appreciate the knot on the right end block as much as we do!

Fiesta Piano Bass-16

Fiesta Piano Bass-4

The knot just seemed right, and we were holding on to this pair of cheek blocks for just the right Rhodes… It’s the kind of unique accent that will guarantee this instrument as a one-of-a-kind and also is a reminder of the natural existence of the wood itself.

This is a Rhodes Piano Bass from late 1974 with golden tine blocks–one of our very favorite production periods for warm & smooth bass tone. Have a listen for yourself:

“Groove Sample:”

“Obligatory Doors Sample:”

Fiesta Piano Bass-3In addition to the custom shop cosmetics this Piano Bass received our most intensive level of expert restoration services. These services include overhauling the action by leveling the key bed and installing the pedestal bump mod to ensure that it plays with ideal dynamic response. In addition, we replaced the tone bar suspension grommets and screw set by Retro Linear, which are our favorite grommets for overall stability and bass sustain. One of the best parts of this particular restoration was maintaining all-original hammer tips because they were in mint condition and sound terrific. –There is some magic in the original tips from this period and this is the best way to get the authentic Rhodes bark that we all know and love! 


Fiesta Piano Bass-19

Fiesta Piano Bass-1

Fiesta Piano Bass-2

Fiesta Piano Bass-5

Fiesta Piano Bass-4

Fiesta Piano Bass-16

Fiesta Piano Bass-6

Fiesta Piano Bass-14

Fiesta Piano Bass-10

Fiesta Piano Bass-11

Fiesta Piano Bass-12

Fiesta Piano Bass-17

Fiesta Piano Bass-16

Fiesta Piano Bass-18

This Piano Bass is currently for sale at the moment of this post. Please contact for more information.

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  1. Gorgeous. How much?

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