FOR SALE: Mark II Suitcase 88

FOR SALE: Mark II Suitcase 88
August 16, 2016 Max Brink
In Rhodes

Up for sale! We just completed a detailed restoration of this beautiful 1980 Mark II Suitcase 88 and now it’s time to find it a new home!


[Update: This piano has sold. If you are interested in a similar piano we can restore one for you! Please contact for more information]

We just wrapped up a complete restoration on this 1980 Mark II Suitcase 88. It’s in incredibly clean condition and even has the music stand! (The music stand is where all the classic MKII tone comes from)… This Rhodes is missing the top case so let’s find it a good studio to call home!

As you have come to expect from our restorations this Rhodes sounds and plays even better than it looks! We replaced all aging action felts and regulated the action with a detailed key bed leveling. All aging tone bar grommets were replaced with Retro Linear grommets and hammer tips with Vintage Vibe’s tapered tips that bring out the most of the classic Mark II tone. The amplifier was re-capped, biased, and all pots were opened for cleaning. This beauty is an excellent example of a Mark II piano sounding at its best!

Please enjoy the sound sample as you enjoy the pictures below:













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  1. mike 8 years ago

    would like to kniw if you repair yamaha cp 80

  2. pepe 7 years ago

    Hi, this is Pepe, from Spain, and I would be interested in a mark II suitcase 73 or 88.

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