The Amtrak Rhodes and The Boeing Lounge Piano

The Amtrak Rhodes and The Boeing Lounge Piano
October 22, 2012 Max Brink
In Rhodes, Wurlitzer

We received a lot of interesting input from the post that shared our first time being introduced to the Amtrak Rhodes piano but we still haven’t learned too much concrete information about their lifetimes spent on the Amtrak lounge cars.

Since then, thanks to a friend of the workshop we have been given a photo of an Amtrak lounge car with a Rhodes piano:


 Amtrak Rhodes With Lid

However, we are still seeking any additional information that anyone may have regarding this piano so please feel free to let us know via the comments below or via our facebook page.

In addition to this photo, our friend Tim also introduced us to a model of Wurlitzer electric piano that was used on the Boeing 747 lounge cars. Check it out:

Wurlitzer Boeing



Wurlitzer Boeing 2

So here we go again! Once again this raises more questions than it answers and given what little information we have been able to find so far we are reaching out to you to help us tell more about the story of these two pianos. If anyone has any information at all about Wurlitzer’s Boeing 747 Lounge Piano or Amtrak’s Rhodes piano please contact us at

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  1. Paul Groff 8 years ago

    Hi, Just reading your old blog posts years later. So you may already have seen this video on the 747 lounge piano, but FYI:

    • mbrink 8 years ago

      This is AMAZING! And The Fonz is an acting guest!

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