A Rare Breed Indeed: The Amtrak Rhodes

A Rare Breed Indeed: The Amtrak Rhodes
April 13, 2012 Max Brink
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Who wants to play a Mark I or Mark II when you can turn peoples heads sitting behind a 1977 Amtrak Rhodes?

If you’re already connected with our workshop on facebook, then you may have already seen this rare breed that we serviced back in early March. For those that are not connected or for anyone who missed it, this is your glimpse of the Amtrak Rhodes.

Unfortunately, the only information that we have at this time about Amtrak Rhodes on lounge cars is that Rhodes were once on lounge cars. I’m sorry to tell you that that is all we know. This Rhodes was dated in mid 1977 and is consistant with other ’77 Rhodes models serviced by our shop.

The only thing that the current owner knows about the history is that it was previously owned by a collector of train memorabilia that left it virtually untouched for well over a decade after winning it from an Amtrak auction. It’s unknown exactly how long he had it for, but I can tell you that the tone bars and key bushings were in the best shape that I have ever seen! They looked like they were brand new off the Rhodes assembly line!

I don’t know about you, but it makes me picture an Amtrak lounge car with Ramsey Lewis striking the keys while Joe Biden sips on a gin martini.


Date Stamp

So far our workshop has been unable to find out any more information from our parts suppliers, or other experts around the country. If you or someone you may know has any knowledge of the history of Rhodes pianos in Amtrak lounge cars in the late ’70’s to early ’80’s, please contact us at max@chicagoelectricpiano.com.
…Stay tuned for when we have more to share. Until then, The Amtrak Rhodes is an extremely Rare Breed Indeed.

The Amtrak Rhodes Front

Update: See our follow up post for more information about this rare electric piano as well as Wurlitzer’s Boeing Lounge Piano.

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  1. Tim 12 years ago

    I managed to dig out some information on the piano if you’re interested.


    • mbrink 12 years ago

      Thanks, Tim! I took a deep search on ep-forum.com and google and I wasn’t able to come up with anything. I love the looks of that Boeing 747 Wurlitzer, too! Thanks for sharing!

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