Custom Shop: Black Wurlitzer 145B

Custom Shop: Black Wurlitzer 145B
April 18, 2019 Mike Novak
In Custom Shop, Wurlitzer

An elegant customization of an iconic tube powered Wurlitzer!

Often times the pianos we get in the shop look like they could tell a story. Sometimes they look like they are screaming “Help!”. While this one started in the former category, our client had a grand vision for refinishing his Wurlitzer 145B. Outside of our expert mechanical restoration, we were tasked with giving this piano and accessories a classy black coat of paint!

These models only came in one finish from the factory. The original paint is an acrylic textured finish comprised of many shades of beige from a manufacture called “Zolatone”. After carefully disassembling the piano, lid, legs, bench and sustain pedal, we brought the wood parts to Chicago Fret Works for sanding and spraying. The results speak for themselves!

An example of the original “Zolatone” paint

While we had things disassembled, we polished up all the original brass parts. A fitting complement for the fresh black paint coat!

Interested in giving your vintage Wurlitzer piano a facelift? Drop us a line at!

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