Custom Shop: Wurlitzer “Pelham-Teal?”

Custom Shop: Wurlitzer “Pelham-Teal?”
August 20, 2019 Max Brink
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Pelham Blue? Pelham Teal? …Turquoise? 

Stunning! Here’s a look at one of our most recent Custom Shop Wurlitzers. We fell in love with this color that was inspired by an aged Gibson “Pelham Blue” guitar!

While it was first inspired by a guitar color that Gibson called “Pelham Blue,” we wanted to find a finish that was a nod to the turquoise and teal hues of a vintage instrument rather than the modern sky blue color they now call Pelham. We preferred the more turquoise leaning ones and this finish probably has a iridescent glow than you wouldn’t normally see on their guitars… But it sure came out pretty! –Let us know what you think!


We were happy that this lid was in near MINT condition and we were able to spray the paint while keeping all the original texture. In many cases we smooth out these lids when refinishing, but not this time! And it sure is fun to have a matching custom colored sustain pedal.


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  1. Zac 4 years ago

    Love the color! What products did you use for that finish?

    • Author
      Max Brink 4 years ago

      All of our custom painted lids are finished with automotive grade paints in a professional spray booth.

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