Wurlitzer 106P Restoration by CEPCo.

Wurlitzer 106P Restoration by CEPCo.
July 8, 2021 Max Brink
In Custom Shop, Wurlitzer

It’s been a while since we’ve had a 106P at the workshop… Here we go again!

The 106P’s were originally sold as a unit of eight pianos mounted on a giant folding cart that shares a common power supply. When they are split up each unit requires a new power supply and amplifier in order to drive the onboard speaker and auxiliary output. This leaves an open palate for electronics customization, which we have taken advantage of with one-of-a-kind tube amplifier builds specifically designed for the 106. In this case, the owner opted to install a Warneck Research “Three Knob” amplifier similar to one that we serviced for the Wilco Loft a few years ago.

These little orange darlings are nearly impossible to find because it seems that they were only produced for a year or two. Given that they require so much work to operate as stand alone pianos, these ambitious restorations are best left to qualified service technicians. Any instrument is only going to play as well as it is setup, and these 106P’s are a perfect example. Check out the video below to hear this beauty in action!


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