Wurlitzer 110 Manual and Schematic

Wurlitzer 110 Manual and Schematic
October 25, 2015 Max Brink
In Wurlitzer

–Gotta love that 1950’s space-age Wurlitzer atomic logo!

Here is a rare look at the original Wurlitzer manual for the near-prototype 110! Until now we were only aware of the 112 service manual and assumed that the 110 probably didn’t have a manual since it was only produced for such a limited lifespan. We’re happy to have it in our collection of original artifacts and we would like to share a copy of the .pdf with anyone else who will benefit from having it. A copy of the 110 schematic is also available as a .jpeg.

Click the cover image below to open a .pdf copy of the manual.

Wurlitzer 110_Service manual Cover

Click image to open the .pdf of the manual.

Wurlitzer Model 110 Amplifier Schematic

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  1. tiny 7 years ago

    we are just getting round to servicing our w 110
    we have owned for over 30 years but until now havent had the time
    it will go next to our Blond Ep300 so glad you have the s manual
    thanks Tiny
    The Hammondhire company
    London UK

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