FOR SALE: Yamaha CP-70 *MIDI*

FOR SALE: Yamaha CP-70 *MIDI*
July 23, 2018 Max Brink
Max Brink
In Yamaha

CP 70D-1

This CP-70 is Sold. Please contact for our current inventory of electric pianos for sale.

Yamaha CP-70 for sale! This piano features the CP-70D preamplifier and CP-70M MIDI unit. The preamplifier is their most advanced design with a very versatile EQ, stereo tremolo with balanced outputs, and two independently switchable effects loops. The CP-70M designates the MIDI unit, which takes this unit to a whole new level! The MIDI runs independent from the CP-70’s output so the two sound sources can be used independently or blended together for a new world of creative possibilities!

This piano came out of public school system and was in storage for many years. The original hammer tips show no signs of wear and the strings are in excellent condition. Our restoration services include a complete key bed leveling, regulation of the key bed & action assembly, as well as recapping and inspecting the electronics. –It will ship out playing with ideal dynamic action and will receive a final tuning before shipping.

CP 70D-3

CP 70D-2

CP 70D-4

CP 70D-5

CP 70D-13

CP 70D-10

CP 70D-11

CP 70D-9

CP 70D-8

CP 70D-18

CP 70D-19

CP 70D-20

CP 70D-21

CP 70D-22

CP 70D-23

CP 70D-24

CP 70D-25

CP 70D-26

CP 70D-3

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