Baby Blue Wurlitzer 200a

Baby Blue Wurlitzer 200a
July 1, 2020 Mike Novak
In Custom Shop, Wurlitzer

Baby blue has been a popular finish for us lately and it’s no secret why: they look stunning!

As with our last “Carolina Blue” Wurlitzer build (click here), this one is also commemorating a special occasion: graduation! The blue top is complimented with an off white base and sustain pedal. That, paired with all the chrome accents you’d expect on a 200 series Wurlitzer, sure makes this one easy on the eyes!

But it’s not all about looks here at CEP. With our full top shelf mechanical restoration as well as upgraded electronics, this Wurli sings! Take a listen to these sound samples as you’re scrolling through the pics.

Steely Dan

Lush Tremolo

Graduation Song (had to do it!)

Looking to commemorate your own special occasion with a custom piano? Drop us a line:

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